10 Family Cars Massachusetts Residents Fondly Remember – Live 95.9

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Slater and Marjo were discussing a news story on Monday morning about how some automakers are trying to restyle the "minivan" for a possible comeback.
Similar to Nirvana ending '80s glam hair metal, the SUV basically destroyed minivan popularity in the late '90s.
With that said, anyone who grew up in the late '70s, '80s, and '90s will at least remember, but most likely had one of the following family cars. Enjoy the nostalgia…
The ultimate soccer mom vehicle of the '90s. Either your family had one or your friend's parents did!
I remember playin' Babe Ruth back in the day and one of the player's moms shows up in this thing, "The Space Bubble".
There were many makes of this wagon that ALL looked the same.
My father's first family station wagon for our family. He bought it for $50 with a broken timing chain, he fixed it all by himself.
Another one of our family cars. My father LOVED this car. He bought a used one from Avis Rentals on the Lynnway in Lynn!
A classic! Marjo's parents had one in a stick shift!
Nissan didn't make a ton of these, but they were hot for a second.
We had one in red. It was our family's first-ever brand new car!
Lee Iacocca's method of saving Chrysler back in the day. K-Cars were EVERYWHERE. They even came in the form of a station wagon! Hideous, right?
If you don't see the humor in this, I don't know what to tell you. Based on the '79 Ford LTD Country Squire, CLARK W. GRISWOLD, baby!