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The 2021 CrossFit Games are over, and Justin Medeiros and Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr are your 2021 Champions. Patrick Vellner claimed second place and Brent Fikowski placed third on the men’s side. Laura Horvath clinched second and Annie Thorisdottir took third place on the women’s side. Unfortunately, Brooke Wells, who was in seventh place overall before Event 12, injured her right arm attempting to snatch 190 pounds.
The Games returned to the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI, running from July 27 through August 1, which hosted over 600 athletes across 27 different divisions as they competed for the title of Fittest on Earth®. Spectators were also allowed to attend this year’s Games, giving the event a different feel than last year’s isolated, dusty affair at The Ranch. For everything CrossFit Games, you can use this page as a hub to check out BarBend’s in-depth coverage of the Games in the form of event recaps, daily recaps, athlete profiles, and more.
In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic upended the Games structure, leading to a virtual first half and then a 10-athlete Final (five men and five women), which took place in Aromas, CA. Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr handily walked away with the victory, but Fraser has since retired from competitive CrossFit, leaving the top of the podium open. Justin Medeiros capitalized on consistency, and Toomey successfully defended her crown against a larger group. 
The fourth day of competition has come to a close with Event 15 in the books. Justin Medeiros proved that consistency matters as he won just one event and captured the title of Fittest Man on Earth®. Toomey-Orr cemented her dominance in the sport.
Medeiros tore through Event 15, beating runner-up Saxon Panchik by nine seconds. He is now the youngest men’s CrossFit Games winner ever at 22-years-old. Koski of Finland also finished strong with a third-place finish. The women’s event was dominated by Tia-Claire Toomey, but Annie Thorisdottir’s performance broke a third place tie in the standings to earn her third place overall at this year’s Games. 
For time:
600-m row
90 chest-to-bar pull-ups
36-ft. back-rack walking lunge 
36-ft. front-rack walking lunge
36-ft. overhead walking lunge 
135 | 185 lb., short bar
Time cap: 11 min.
This event paired high-level gymnastic skills with a test of raw strength: Athletes have to perform free-standing handstand push-ups (HSPU) paired with heavy deadlifts for an ascending rep scheme of 6-10-14. 
Vellner and Medeiros were the only two men to finish the entire event, and it was a nailer-biter. It came down to the final 14 reps of HSPUs, with both guys missing reps, allowing the other to briefly take the lead. Vellner was able to clinch the win, leaving Medeiros 10 seconds behind him. At this point, Medeiros has a strong 32 point lead. 
Annie Thorisdottir handily completed her HSPUs and remained tight during her deadlift reps to walk away with the win and tie Kristin Holte for third place overall. Toomey-Orr is still in first and Horváth is in second. 
Six-10-14 reps of:
Time cap: seven minutes
Event 13 is done, with the men and women wrapping their heats — just one per division. The first two rounds were pretty even, but the yoke carry proved to be the great equalizer as it was the last task in the round, and each round had a time cap. BKG logged his first event win, with Vellner coming in second (sustaining his overall placing of second) and Medeiros came in third. Medeiros is still the leader of the men. 
Toomey-Orr won her 32nd ever CrossFit Games event, blazing through the event with the fastest time overall. Gabriele Migała moved up to fifth overall with a second-place finish in this event. After this event, Toomey-Orr is essentially a lock to win. Horváth is also in a good spot to claim second place. 
Four rounds of:
Time caps by round: two | two | two | three minutes
Twenty athletes remain and are done with the final event of Day Three — Event 12. No more athlete cuts will take place from here on out, whoever remains will compete for the title of Fittest on earth® Competition for the Individuals start at 10:45 EST and the last of the three events for the day are scheduled to end at around 4:00 p.m. EST.
Points are awarded in the following fashion: first place gets 100 points, second gets 97, third gets 94, fourth gets 91, fifth gets 88, and so on.
All 20 women made it past the first 160-pound snatch in Event 12. Eramo O’Connell failed to hit 170, and then Baylee Rayl and Emily Rolfe missed 175 pounds, with Rayl besting Rolfe in the tiebreaker. Half the women’s field remained for round six, which had competitor’s attempt a 190-pound snatch. Wells suffered her elbow injury and was escorted out of the arena. With 195 pounds loaded on the barbell, just Thorisdottir and Toomey-Orr remained. After the two CrossFit Games champs failed to snatch 205, they went to the tie-breaker — Toomey-Orr just made it over the finish line before the Icelandic athlete. 
The first three men to bow out at 260 pounds were Bayden Brown, Henrik Haapalainen, and Cole Sager. After a few more rounds, 14 guys made it to 280 pounds. Adler, Gudmundsson, and Mayer all failed and ended up racing in the tie-breaker. Mayer won. Then Adler. Then Gudmundsson. 
The final three men were Guilherme Malheirosm Royce Dunne, and Patrick Vellner. The trio attempted 295 pounds, and Vellner couldn’t hang. The other two athletes had a dramatic battle with 300 pounds and then 305 pounds. Dunne failed 305 and then, in front of a roaring audience, the Brazilian snatched the weight to win his third event of the Games. 
Establish a max one-rep snatch.
*Athletes eliminated in the same round competed in a tiebreaker of three snatches for speed and crossing a finish line. Winners scored higher ranks — Men: 225 pounds | Women: 145 pounds
Tia-Clair Toomey is officially the winningest CrossFit Games athlete, with 30 total event wins. After managing to accumulate 231 reps during Event 11, Toomey-Orr has surpassed Mat Fraser’s previous Games win record of 29 wins. 
For most of the event, Holte and Adams were right on top of Toomey, who managed to inch ahead towards the end of the heat. The most pegboard reps at any previous Games was six, according to the broadcast team. That record was shattered well before the time cap — by round eight, Brandon had a double-digit rep lead. The men are currently going. 
And Cole Sager blitzes through Event 11, scoring 276 reps! Jonne Koski moved up to fifth place overall with a fourth-place finish here, and Vellner stays in second over Fikowski with a narrow 14-point lead. Medeiros, despite placing 10th in this event, now has 879 points, widening the gap between him and the two Canadians. 
11-minute AMRAP:
Athletes needed to complete 90 toes-to-bars and run a total of three miles for time. Emily Rolfe scored her first event win of the Games and her second top-five finish. To probably no one’s surprise, Sam “The Engine” Briggs, who won the games in 2013, placed fourth, and 12 seconds ahead of Women’s leader Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr. 
For time:
Time cap: 27 minutes.
The field has now been narrowed to the competition’s final class of 20 men and 20 women heading into the final 5 events of the weekend.
That’s a wrap for day two, folks. Toomey-Orr has secured a handy lead, 140 points over Laura Horvath with 861 points overall. Justin Medeiros mounted a serious comeback to claim the top of the leaderboard with 744 points. 
Here are some big takeaways from day two:
Notable withdrawals: Roman Khrennikov and Stas Solodov are not at the Games due to travel issues, and CrossFit announced that Sean Sweeney is medically withdrawing after Event Five. Four women are also out of the competition — Kari Pearce, Bethany Shadburne, Larissa Cunha, and Svetlana Kubyshkina. Adrian Mundwiler and Dani Speegle have also withdrawn from the competition due to non-COVID-related issues.
Brent Fikowski, who was in second place, prior to Event Nine won his first event of the day. Chandler Smith broke into the top five for the first time at this year’s Games, and Vellner clung on with a fifth-place finish. 
Toomey-Orr seemingly took Event Nine “off” and cruised to fifth place. Amanda Barnhart scored her first event win at the 2021 Games and third event win in her Games career. Before this win, Barnhart was in seventh overall. Also of note, both Fikowski and Barnhart donned Reebok shoes, which means they pick up a $10,000 event win bonus. If you didn’t know, Reebok made the decision to offer $10,000 to event winners wearing Reebok shoes and two grand to second-place finishers.
For time, 21-15-9 reps of the following:
Time cap: eight minutes.
And the oldest Panchik claims his third even CrossFit Games win, while Medeiros maintains a steady lead by upping his point count to 671 points. The handstand walk saw many athletes stopping and starting, with not a single athlete completing the course unbroken. The course consists of three obstacles — stairs to a down-ramp, a ramp to parallel bars, and an up-and-down ramp.
Danielle Brandon soared through the course in 1:43.91. Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr is still in the lead but placed fourth under Brooke Wells in third place and Haley Adams is in second. Kristin Holte got fifth. 
The athletes are about to be turned upside down. Event Eight is a handstand obstacle course for time with a five-minute time cap. 
Guilherme Malheiros of Brazil blitzed through Event Seven with a time of 4:51.61, completing five very heavy clean. Jeffrey Adler, who is known for his strength (remember when he out-totaled Fraser in 2020?), finished the event eight seconds later. Though he placed seventh overall, Medeiros is now the overall points leader for the men with 57. Saxon Panchik moved up to third. 
Toomey-Orr rode her momentum from the first event and then tore through an even heavy array weights to log the fastest overall time of 4:44.93. Horvath got second and Migala managed to place third, a one-spot improvement from Event Six.
Event Seven is virtually the same event, but with a longer time cap, heavier weights, and a longer run. Oof. 
Women: 210 | 215 | 220 | 225 | 230 lb.
Men: 325 | 335 | 340 | 345 | 350 lb.
Time cap: 8 min.
Adler, who was in 22nd place prior to Event Six, scored his first event win of this Games and now has 397 points. Interestingly Saxon Panchik is the only current top-five man to post a win in this event, signaling that a change in event structure could lead to a potential shakeup of the leaderboard.
Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr absolutely crushed the event, tearing through the run and clean cycle faster than any other athlete. Of course, Toomey-Orr’s proclivity with a barbell is well-recorded — she represented Australia in the 2016 Olympic Games and won a gold medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Kristi Eramo O’Connell snagged a very close second place and Kristin Holte propelled herself to second place with 516 points. 
Five rounds for time of:
Men: 245 | 265 | 285 | 305 | 315 pounds
Women: 165 | 175 | 185 | 195 | 205 pounds
Time cap: 7 minutes.
Vellner picks up his second event win of the Games! The Canadian, who now boasts 388 points, finished just ahead of Men’s leader Brent Fikowski, who has 419 points. Toomey-Orr looked human for the first time this Games, coming in sixth place. Laura Horvath of Hungary blitzed through the event in a time of11:41.55 — the fastest time of any athlete. Gabriela Migała of Poland, who sat in 15th overall prior to this event, got second and American Haley Adams placed third. 
The first event is a straightforward test of upper-body strength and endurance. For strongman fans, yes, that is a Husafell-shaped sandbag. For anyone who doesn’t know, the Husafell is a strongman implement (usually made of steel or stone) that is notoriously difficult to hold and stabilize. 
4 rounds for time:
The individuals will start the competition at noon EST. Today, July 30, 2021, there are four events on the docket. Here are the times, according to CrossFit. All times are in EST.
Toomey-Orr leads the women with 397 points overall. The Australian, four-time reigning champ won four of three events during Day One.  Haley Adams is in second and Laura Horvath sits in third. For the Men, Brent Fikowski of Canada is in the number one spot with 322 points. CrossFit Games sophomore Justin Medeiros is in second and Jonne Koski of Finland — who absolutely dominated Event One — is in third place.
As for points, first place gets 100 points, second gets 97, third gets 94, fourth gets 91, and fifth gets 88.
This event taxed the shoulders to a serious degree. Competitors need to complete 55 wall walks followed by 55 barbell thrusters (with 185 pounds). Scott Panchik set a furious pace to finish in 13:39.61, which was just under two minutes quicker than Jay Crouch, who finished second in heat one but fifth overall. Heat two saw Justin Medeiros, Brent Fikowski, and Saxon Panchik sandwiched between Scott and Crouch. Medeiros didn’t get close to Scott’s time but logged his second top-five finish of the day. 
Tia-Clair Toomey showed the first signs of mortality in event four, coming in second to Mallory O’Brien. Still, That puts Toomey at 397 points overall. Cary, who is 17 years old, hung just 10 seconds behind the most dominant woman CrossFitter to ever exist, which is a pretty great achievement for a high schooler. With this event win, O’Brien, who is also 17 years old, becomes the youngest CrossFit Games event winner. Barnhart managed to snag her first top-five finish and Wells got her second top-five finish of the Games. 
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For time:
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:
Half an hour after grueling Event Two, the athletes have to sprint five and a half football fields (550 yards) as quickly as possible. Brazilian Guilherme Malherios won a very close heat three to come out on top, sprinting the entire track in 1:15.37. Will Moorad of the USA got second, and Vellner earned 94 points with a third-place win. 
Toomey — to everyone’s surprise, we’re sure — won again. Though, she edged out Brooke Wells by just three-tenths of a second. Haley Adams was right behind them in third. Also of note, this is Danielle Brandon’s second top-five event finish. She’s proving to be consistent early on. 
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Well, this one is simple, folks. Athletes need to perform a single 550-yard sprint, equivalent to running five and a half football fields. The Men and Women are split into four heats of 10 athletes each. Being split into four heats is a mental challenge as the athletes need to beat the competitors next to them but the ones they can’t see. To win the overall event, athletes need to run as fast as possible for all 550 yards, not just match the pace of the other athletes in the heat. 
What a comeback for Vellner! After placing 35th in Event One, the Canadian CrossFit star made a statement in the muscle-up-heavy second event. After heat one, Samuel Cournoyer set the time to beat at 8:09, and Vellner, who looked like a man on a mission from start to end, finished 27 seconds ahead of Cournoyer. Scott Panchik, who is retiring after this year’s Games, beat out Jason Smith by one second.
Toomey-Orr had already rested for a full minute and nine seconds before runner-up Emma McQuaid of Ireland crossed the finish line for the women. Though Danielle Brandon put up an excellent fight in heat one — which the announcers thought was fueled by the frustration of teammates Karie Pearce and Bethany Shadburne medically withdrawing — three women in Event Two eclipsed her time.
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The second event is underway, with the Men and Women competing in separate groups. Those groups are competing in two heats. Here is the full event.
For time:
126-ft. sled drag, 180 lbs. | 220 lbs.
5 Pig flips, 350 lbs. | 510 lbs.
12 muscle-ups
12 bar muscle-ups
12 bar muscle-ups
12 muscle-ups
5 Pig flips 
126-ft. sled drag
Time cap: 12 min.
Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr of Australia and Jonne Koski of Finland win the first event of the 2021 CrossFit Games. Koski maintained a dominant lead throughout the swim and kayak portion of the event, while Toomey-Orr pulled away from Tall and Eramo O’Connell toward the end. In doing so, Toomey-Orr secured her 25th Games event win and is now leading the women.
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The very first event of the Games has athletes taking a dip and then hopping in a kayak to paddle their hearts out. Dave Castro teased swimming and paddling early on, which is not a new event in the Games, but then added unique twists: the addition of fins for the swim and a kayak instead of a paddleboard. 
For time:
Both men and women will compete simultaneously, starting at 10 a.m. EST (9 a.m. in Wisconsin). For the rest of the events, men and women will be broken up into two competitive groups. 
Individual athletes had a rest day on July 29, 2021. The competition will resume the morning of Friday, July 30. However, the Adaptive and Age Group divisions finished their third and final day of competition. Here are the results:
 Here are the time slots for the first four events for the Individual competition. All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST).
Stay tuned as BarBend will update this page frequently throughout the Games to keep you abreast of what’s happening on an event-by-event basis. 
So far, three athletes have had to withdraw due to positive COVID-19 antigen tests. BarBend will update this section if and when more athletes are removed from the Games.
Shadburne is a four-time Games veteran who many believed was primed for a potential podium spot this year. She won the West Coast Classic Semifinal event to qualify for the Games. CrossFit announced that Shadburne tested positive on July 26, 2021. 
Bailey has also competed in four CrossFit Games and three CrossFit Games as a part of Team Rogue Red. He was one of three other athletes who came in contact with either Shadburne or Saunders (who tested positive before the Games but has since tested negative). This year, he was set to compete in the Masters 35-39 Division. 
On the morning of July 28, 2021, an hour before IE1 was set to start, CrossFit announced that the American had tested positive for COVID-19 and was medically withdrawn. Notably, Pearce placed second at the West Coast Classic in 2021 and got third at the 2020 CrossFit Games, ending the five-year American women medal drought. 
The 31-year-old Aussie withdrew herself from competition the morning of July 30, 221, hours before Day Two began. After four events, Saunders sat in 34th place overall. This was Saunder’s ninth appearance in the CrossFit Games.
I gave it a nudge but it wasn’t to be,” Saunders wrote on Instagram. “My health 100% comes first and after attempting a day of competition I realized that all it was doing was sending me backward while my body is still trying to heal.”
Featured Image Courtesy of CrossFit 

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