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Rachel Bradshaw knows the importance of staying fit and healthy.
The singer-songwriter star of E!'s The Bradshaw Bunch looks up to her NFL legend father Terry Bradshaw for both his athletic talent and business prowess. But in last night's episode on Oct. 13, Rachel showed her dad a thing or two with her new and improved workout regime with HOTWORX.
"So, I figured out what I want to do for a business venture: hot yoga," the eldest Bradshaw daughter announced, puzzling her pop. "When I had my back surgery, I was trying to figure out a workout and I couldn't run, I can't do Pilates, I can't do a lot of high-intensity workouts and I tried everything. So, I started going to this place called HOTWORX. You go in, and the infrared heat penetrates through your muscles and it's a really healing workout."
Rachel added, "I think the end goal would be having a few of my own HOTWORX."
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She would be one of the 1,000 franchise license holders if Rachel pursues the business venture that taps into 100,000 active members worldwide, soon to be across over 400 locations in three countries.
Rachel even takes Terry for a private sauna session, and Terry joked he's open to any workout "as long as it doesn't stink!."
Today, Rachel is a brand ambassador for HOTWORX and shares her story of how the Isometric workouts helped heal from her surgery to combat her natural severe scoliosis.
"I had a major, major spinal fusion surgery about four years ago. I've got two titanium rods and forty screws in my back, and I was trying to build my muscle back and heal," Rachel exclusively told E! News. "I just couldn't figure out a workout. When you have hardware, you can't run, you can't lift weights, you are so limited. I kind of was giving up. I felt so defeated: ‘How am I going to stay in shape the rest of my life? I have to stay healthy.' I found HOTWORX in Dallas and I was like, ‘This is the coolest!'"
From 30-minute workouts like Hot Yoga and Hot Barre None, plus 15-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts like Hot Cycle and Hot Blast, HOTWORX revolutionized Rachel's fitness routine.
Of course the added benefits of muscle recovery, pain relief, stress reduction and detoxification made it an easy decision to incorporate the HOTWORX lifestyle into her daily life.
"I became addicted to the yoga, all the stretching," Rachel, HOTWORX's first-ever ambassador, added. "My back started to heal. I was physically healing with the infrared heat. I spoke at the convention and did a huge Q&A as their ambassador. It was very organic. It felt very serendipitous and I am very excited, because I truly think that sort of workout heals people and it really healed me."
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The 24-hour infrared fitness studio offers up to 11 different virtually instructed workouts inside patented infrared saunas, like the one Rachel and Terry visited onscreen. The private sessions for up to three people in one sauna combine heat, infrared energy and exercise for an unprecedented "3D Training" model to maximize calorie burn and detoxing the body.
It's easy for Rachel and other HOTWORX members to book from the HOTWORX Burn Off App, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.
Check out more info on HOTWORX here.
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