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A Brock University researcher is looking for boys aged 7-12 to take part in a study on muscles.
PhD student Stacey Woods is looking for young men to perform a variety of physical activities in her team’s laboratory at Brock as she examines factors that contribute to muscle activation during different types of actions and in different muscles.
She will examine muscle contractions in which muscles are shortened or become tense, and muscle fatigue, which is the decline in the muscle’s power capacity.
“We’re asking the research participants to do high-intensity and low-intensity exercise and endurance-type tasks,” she says. “We’re using some new technology called surface electromyography decomposition, or surface dEMG, to assess their muscle actions.”
Data Woods collects from participants’ exercises will ultimately compare muscle activation between children and adults.
Those interested in participating in the study should contact Woods at [email protected] or call the lab at 905-688-5550 x5623.
The study is part of work underway by a larger Brock research team that is examining the effect of exercise and physical training on bone health and on neuro-muscular function during growth and maturation.
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