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Published: 23/Sep/2021 4:15
CoD Mobile just turned two and to celebrate the second anniversary, Season 8 has now arrived. From major Battle Royale 2.0 improvements, the introduction of Blackout, and a ton of new weapons, modes, and cosmetics, here’s everything there is to know.
The latest CoD Mobile update has arrived, with Season 8 now active in the popular handheld title. Having now passed two years on the market, Season 8 marks a special occasion and there’s plenty for fans to be excited about as a result.
All the usual content from maps, modes, events, and weapons are all in the mix. Though this time around, major additions to the Battle Royale experience have also been lumped in.
There’s plenty to keep on top of and we’ve got you covered with a full breakdown of everything in CoD Mobile’s Season 8 update.
Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8: 2nd Anniversary is now LIVE!
Featuring Blackout, new weapons, Battle Pass, and more! pic.twitter.com/E4vz1WUnpu
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CoD Mobile’s Season 8 update went live on Wednesday, September 22 at 5PM PT
The patch was made available across all regions simultaneously. Everything from the fresh Season 8 Battle Pass to the new Battle Royale map was all accessible on day one.
For the first time in CoD Mobile, players can now drop into the original CoD BR map. Black Ops 4’s Blackout map has been recreated for the handheld experience, with every classic location returning to the large-scale battleground.

Moreover, the BR mode itself has been overhauled with tons of significant upgrades. Dubbed as ‘Battle Royale 2.0,’ the playlist now has a reworked health system with armor built-in.
Weapons and vehicles have been adjusted across the board, classes have been updated, and menus have even been improved.
On top of the typical additions, this season also brings an entirely new experience to CoD Mobile. For the first time, players are able to grind through a limited-time PvE mode in Counterattack.
Teams must drop into the battle royale map and complete various missions from fan-favorite Operators. Some will be more challenging than others, but the most difficult tasks come with their own exclusive rewards.

As you would expect, another season means another new Battle Pass in CoD Mobile. Harkening back to many of CoD’s greatest hits, the Season 8 Battle Pass is filled to the brim with classic Operators like Captain price and General Shepard.
Along with the usual assortment of cosmetic unlocks, it also comes with a few gameplay items to boot. Players can grab the Lightning Strike Scorestreak and the R9-0 Shotgun directly from the Battle Pass.
Map Updates
Crash has received a visual overhaul including various optimizations to graphics and performance.
New Scorestreak
Lightning Strike – Calls air strikes to 3 target locations on the map. This Scorestreak highlights all friendly and enemy players in order to give you pinpoint precision.
New Perk
Iron lungs – Extend the time a player can steady a sniper rifle’s scope when aiming down sights.
New Map – Blackout
Blackout has arrived (soon). The original classic BR map from Black Ops 4 is now available on COD: Mobile! It is now available right now on update launch but will be available alongside Season 8.
New Vehicle – Rally Car
Slightly slower than the Muscle Car, but seats 4 and allows greater stability with the use of modifications.
BR Class Updates
Trap Master
Still somewhere in between overpowered and not, which sounds great to us. We’ll see what new discussions emerge and how often this class is used.
There was a variety of feedback about this class’s usefulness and this new update aims to help Medic a viable Battle Royale class once again.
Gameplay Updates
Health System Update
Weapon Updates
Airdrop Updates
Backpack Updates
Vehicle Updates
Vehicle Mobility Updates
Helicopter – The mini map displays the locations of the helicopters in real time, allowing players to determine helicopter positions better and quickly. We hope this change will help control the number of active helicopters.
Wingsuit – We’ve reduced the horizontal speed and buoyancy of the Wingsuit to achieve a more realistic feel while gliding
Slide Updates
Other Improvements
This new weapon has an extremely high fire rate and strong headshot multiplier. It comes on over from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) and joins the ever-growing arsenal of assault rifles in CODM. You’ll be able to acquire this one later in the season through a Seasonal Challenge.
This new shotgun has a high ammo capacity and can fire two barrels in a rapid succession before being pumped. It is all about getting close to spray your targets with loose accuracy and high damage. You can find both a common and Epic blueprint version of this within the new Season 8 Battle Pass.
Multiplayer & Battle Royale
Legendary Top 5000
Multiplayer Weapon Updates
Overall adjustments on Assault Rifles
AS VAL (with 15 Round FMJ) :
Developer Comment: Short range performance is significantly improved, while medium and long range performance has been slightly decreased. After the adjustment, the two–shot kill range is longer than Cr56 AMAX but it will be more difficult to control.
Sniper & Marksman Rifles
Developer Comment: These 2 classes of weapons have been given longer range to compensate for ADS sway when compared against Assault Rifles
Developer Comment: We’ve increased the two – shot kill range and made reductions to bullet spread, recoil and hit flinch to improve weapon control.
Developer Comment: The M21 EBR now has the ability to 2 shot kill through walls.
Developer Comment: Able to kill in two shots hitting any part of the body. Able to kill with one shot to the head or chest with OWC Stopping Power Reload equipped.
Battle Royale
Rytec AMR
SP-R 208
Developer Comment: To bridge the gap between the power level of sniper rifles in BR, we’ve adjusted the headshot multipliers of various weapons and attachments.
Developer Comment: Increased damage to arms and legs to improve overall consistency. After the adjustment, as long as the player hits the upper body with one shot, the target can be eliminated with four shots.
Developer Comment: Increased the damage to head and chest to bring the PDW57 up to speed with the current meta.
Other Adjustments
Other Optimizations
Several new settings have been added/adjusted:
Slide Distance
Rank Match Optimizations
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