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Due to all of the changes in scheduling for the IFBB Pro League from pandemic-related shutdowns, organizers have opted to hold contests in the remaining months of 2020 to allow athletes early opportunities to qualify for the 2021 (no, that is not a typo) Olympia.
The first of those contests was the British Grand Prix show in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately for everyone involved, a second shutdown in that country is schedule to begin on Thursday, November 5th. The promoters quickly moved the contest up to November 4th so they could still have the event before that shutdown takes place.
Just gonna leave this here I’ll report in later when I’m off cloud 9 x
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This is Hollingshead’s second consecutive victory, having also won in Europa Pro contest in Spain back in October, which qualified him for this year’s Olympia. In spite of the rush to return to the stage as well as the rapid change in scheduling, Hollingshead still presented a physique onstage that the judges declared worthy of taking home the victory. Home field advantage may have benefitted him here since travel wasn’t an issue.
Thanks to this victory, Hollingshead is now the first athlete qualified for next year’s Mr. Olympia contest.
This benefits him because he now has more options to move forward with his season after the Olympia. He can enter more shows and try to win more titles and prize money, or he can take the year after the Olympia as an offseason so he is fresh by the time he does begin preparing for next year’s big contest.
Grimes obviously wanted to win this show for the same reasons as Hollingshead. He appeared to look better at this contest than he did in Spain, but it wasn’t enough to earn first place points. He does score points on the Olympia scoring system, which could help him should he not earn a victory next season.
Hector was a surprise but definitely worthy of being awarded a top three position in this contest. His upper body looked great from the front. His hamstrings didn’t measure up to Grimes which is why he may have been placed third. He would be one to watch in future contests.
Winner – James Hollingshead
2nd – Regan Grimes
3rd – Marc Hector
4th – Jamie Christian-Gohal
5th – Theo Guerrera
Featured Image: Instagram/hollingshead89

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