Lithuania's Concerns Over China Censorship Shows Small Countries Have Power – Bloomberg

With a population of just 2.8 million people, Lithuania is making friends with Taiwan and raising concerns about Beijing’s censorship.
China’s desire to muscle people beyond its borders is starting to have repercussions, and it’s smaller nations that may have an outsize impact on the superpower’s ability to shape the world.
Most vocal of late is Lithuania (population 2.8 million). The Baltic country this week told consumers to ditch Chinese smartphones, after alleging that a Xiaomi Corp. model can detect and filter terms including “Free Tibet,” “Democracy Movement,” and “Long live Taiwan’s independence.” That capability has been switched off for devices sold in the EU, but can be remotely enabled at any time, Lithuania’s National Cyber Security Centre found. Handsets from Huawei Technologies Co. were also flagged as having security vulnerabilities. Xiaomi “does not censor communications to or from its users,” it told Reuters. Huawei also rejected the criticism, Agence France-Presse cited a company spokesman as saying.