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The classic muscle car gets a new lease on life.
We’d all love to relive our childhood someday, and for car enthusiasts, that’s getting to enjoy the joy and thrill of amazing time capsules such as the Dodge Super Bee. Ryan Brutt of Auto Archaeology through his YouTube channel documented a rare 1969 Dodge Mr. Norm's sold Super Bee in Missouri.
“Looking at this 1969 Dodge Super Bee which is cool, but it’s got a really interesting history which I’ll show you guys in a minute,” Brutt said.
This iconic 1969 Dodge Super Bee has had a long life. Part of it was in storage. The initial owner put it away in 1976, where it’s been sitting until 2021. Brutt’s friend found it, cleaned it, and sold it to a new owner, who’s giving it a new lease on life.
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“It’s a little rusty, a little crusty, original paint car. You see it’s a little rough, but this gives you an idea what’s special about it,” Brutt reveals.
While checking, he also finds out that the car’s slots are not original. The tires on the other hand are original, and it also comes with its iconic Super Bee stripes.
“Here’s the kicker, it’s an original sold Mr. Norm's car,” Brutt said. “That’s interesting, this doesn’t have a bee on it,” He adds.
The 1969 Super Bee didn’t come with its iconic bee on the right-hand side, suggesting there might have been some restoration on the rear quarter panel.
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The 1969 Super Bee’s production ran between 1968 to 1971 as a mid-sized muscle car. The model came back in 2007 all through to 2013 as the Dodge Charger Super Bee. The 1969 Super Bee came with a 323 6.3-liter V8 Magnum engine mated to a three-speed automatic transmission, making 335 hp.
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The owner of the car sold to someone in South Carolina who was looking for a similar style of car. He worked on the car for six months and got it running. It needed a trunk panel, new seats, and engine rebuild among other minor fixes.
The new owner is looking to make it run and drive like the 1969 Super Bee that his dad once owned.
“His dad has a '69 Super Bee 383 automatic on the column just like the one he got, and he wants to throw the gears like his dad used to take the shifter on the column and throw it down to first and take off real fast,” Brutt revealed.
Brutt has promised to share that memorable father-son moment when the car is ready.
To understand the Dodge Super Bee, you in turn have to understand its fraternal twin brother, the Plymouth Road Runner.
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