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Published 19:0714 October 2021 BST

An insider who helped broker the takeovers of several Premier League clubs has revealed which club Newcastle United will look to emulate in the coming years.
The Magpies were taken over by the Saudi Public Investment Fund last week, and are widely expected to start flexing their new financial muscle almost immediately.
Many are anticipating a Manchester City-style spending spree as soon as January, without too much in the way of direction or planning.
However, in the opinion of one industry expert, Newcastle already has a strategy in mind – and a club model that they will look to replicate.
The established intermediary, who wished to remain anonymous, told Express Sport: “This kind of scenario – where a club that is usually as quiet as a mouse in the transfer market – suddenly has loads of cash, is like a lottery for agents, honestly.”
“Newcastle has always been a prestigious and historic club in English football, very highly regarded in European countries but the project is now so fascinating. Whether you agree with the ethics or not.
“But the next few months will be crazy, I can tell you that. Players will be offered to the club virtually every day and others will play the game and use their name to secure big, big contracts. More cash for the players and agents.
“From what I hear and know, Newcastle do not want to just throw all their money at big names. They have a strategy and plan to sign younger, talented players and invest smartly in some experience. I think that’s clever.”
According to the shady figure, the club’s owners could be guided by the example of a wealthy German club that has invested heavily in young talent in recent times – to great effect.
“They want a model and similar infrastructure to RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga, which is why Rangnick is the guy they want at the top, he knows his stuff,” they added.
“There is a lot of b******* rumours flying about though with players, targets and so on. It’s crazy and funny but we expect it.
“But Newcastle are listening to proposals already. There will be no clear final decisions right now but in the next few months, they will plan ahead for January.
“The new coach will also have a voice that will be heard but from what I know, the money is there to do what they want! There is talks, every day. We hold regular dialogue with the club.”
For the time being, Steve Bruce still remains in place as the club’s manager, but with Newcastle yet to win a game this season, it won’t take many more defeats before the likes of Rangnick are being considered.
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