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Fans of strongman were able to watch incredible individual performances online in 2020 and now they have more reasons to be excited for 2021. The Official Strongman Games (OSG) organizers announced a contest that they are planning, simply called “The Event.” OSG is also introducing the Women’s U73 Kilograms division and the men’s Master 50+ division. 
The competition portion of the “The Event” is currently scheduled to take place Nov. 12 through Nov. 14, 2021, at the Ocean Center Arena in Daytona Beach, FL. (Athletes must weigh in on Nov. 11, 2021.) Professional strongman Laurence Shahlaei shared the news as well as his thoughts about the events taking place in the video from his YouTube channel below:
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This is anyone’s route to the World’s Strongest Man.
The top 10 finishers from the 2020 Official Strongman Games are automatically invited to compete in “The Event” in 2021. There are also regional qualifiers as well as an online qualifier that allows athletes to participate from home. Potential competitors can also receive a special invite. Promoters have reserved the right to offer direct invitations at their discretion.
There are 11 confirmed divisions, according to OSG’s website. In an Instagram post, OSG says that any qualified athlete in the U82 kilogram and U64 kilogram division may compete in the new  U73 kilogram division instead. The Men’s Master 50+ is also being included, but participants can’t win a world title. The inclusion of this particular division, OSG says, is “a test to see if there is enough interest in a 50+ division.” Here’s a full list of both the men’s and women’s divisions.
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The hope is that by the time that this contest takes place, fans will be able to attend in person. The organizers have even promoted a “Meet and Greet” event. Details about how to watch the event if you’re not able to attend have not been announced yet, but are expected to be forthcoming.
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According to Shahlaei, the top three finishers in the men’s open at this competition will be invited to a Giants Live contest. The top three finishers of any official Giants Live event receive an invite to compete at the World’s Strongest Man contest of the corresponding year.
There will be six individual events held to determine who the strongest in the field is. The weights that athletes will use will vary across the different divisions. The rundown of the events taking place at “The Event” is as follows:
Athletes will have 60 seconds to clean and press the log for as many reps as possible. Each rep has to be approved by the judge before the log can be lowered.
This event is a classic going back to the old days of the sport. Competitors will have to travel 50 feet while carrying the frame of a vehicle in the fastest time possible. The movement is functionally comparable to a yoke walk.
The competitors will have 60 seconds to successfully perform four deadlifts with each bar having more weight than the last. Like the Log Press, the rep has to be called by a judge before the athlete can move on to the next weight. Note: all weights below are in kilograms and are listed in ascending order.
There will be three implements — a sandbag, a Husafell stone, and a sled pull. The athlete who carries the first two implements and drags the final one for 50 feet in the fastest time (up to 90 seconds) wins. The first number listed below is the sandbag and the second is the Húsafell. All weights are in kilograms.
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The World Finals will consist of the athletes ranked in the top 10 on the leaderboard at the end of the Semifinals. Here are the two events the Finals will feature:
There will be six bags in ascending weight in front of each competitor. They must toss the bag over the high bar behind them as quickly as possible in the 60-second time cap — fastest time wins. All weights are in kilograms and in ascending order.
Many major strongman events have the Atlas Stones as the grand finale and “The Event” is no different. There will be six stones of ascending weight. Each athlete will have up to 75 seconds to lift all six onto their corresponding platforms. Whoever lifts the most stones in the fastest time wins. All weights are in kilograms and in ascending order.
The awards ceremony is scheduled for 4:00 p.m. — 5:00 p.m. EST following the completion of the Finals.
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