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Rogue Fitness has carried out monthly fitness challenges that have tested the endurancegrip strength, stamina, and heart rates of willing participants. Most recently, the “Pump-N-Row Challenge” featured a combination of the bench press and rowing machine, which saw top-tier CrossFit athletes like 2020 CrossFit Games bronze medalist Kari Pearce rise to the top.
For May, Rogue Fitness tasked participants with the “Bella Complex” challenge — a barbell complex that consists of the following exercises in order, unbroken: one clean, one shoulder-to-overhead, one front squat, one shoulder to overhead. Participants had a five-minute time cap to secure their max load. The winners were announced on Rogue Fitness’ Instagram page on June 7, 2021:
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At the time this article was written, the winners announced by Rogue still stand, but there is an emerging controversy over Тайлиев константин’s 485-pound complex. Shortly after Rogue posted the winners on Instagram, many fans took to the comment section of Rogue’s post and to Reddit to voice their concerns that the lift is not legitimate. Fans are asking for further proof of the lift and clarification by Rogue. Rogue has yet to comment on the validity of the lift. 
Men and women competed in three weight categories: Light, Medium, and Heavy. Here are the top three for each category for both men and women. 
Note: The weight limit was up to 67.13 kilograms (147.99 pounds).
Note: The weight limit was up to 54.88 kilograms (120.99 pounds).
Note: The weight limit was 67.14 to 96.16 kilograms (148 to 211.99 pounds).
Note: The weight limit was 54.89 to 76.20 kilograms (121 to 167.99 pounds).
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Note: The weight limit was 96.17 kilograms and up (212 pounds and up).
Note: The weight limit was 76.21 kilograms and up (168 pounds and up).
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Each athlete on the podium of their divisions received the following prizes, respectively:
There was also a contest for the gyms with the most competitors participating, with the winning gym earning an Ohio Bar plus a 210-pound competition plate set. CrossFit Linchpin in Ravensdale, WA, was the winning gym.
Editor’s Note: This article was updated to address the controversy of Тайлиев константин’s potentially illegitimate lift. This article will be updated again if and when the matter is addressed by Rogue Fitness.
Feature image: @roguefitness on Instagram

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