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Talk about a landslide. In our recent poll that asked people to vote on the “Survivor” controversy regarding Jeff Probst‘s decision to drop the “guys” part of his “Come on in, guys” catchphrase, a whopping 89% of fans expressed disappointment. These majority of poll respondents think the phrase should have been left alone, despite one of the castaways, Ricard Foye, agreeing with Probst it should be changed. “I’m with you,” Probst said on the show. “I want to change it. I’m glad that was the last time I will ever say it.”
Do you think Probst made the right decision to retire his infamous “Come on in, guys” saying? Here are the complete poll results:

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89% — NO — He should have kept it the same
8% — MEH — I don’t care either way
3% — YES — He made the right decision
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For 40 seasons, “Come on in, guys” was a staple of CBS’s reality TV show every time the host welcomed contestants into a challenge. But times have changed. During the two-hour premiere of “Survivor 41,” Probst asked the 18 all-new cast members for their guidance regarding his continued use of the phrase, which some people found offensive and non-inclusive. The players at first agreed that it was okay to use, including Evvie Jagoda, who confirmed she didn’t feel excluded by the saying as a queer person. However, when Ricard got back to camp, he thought about it more and decided he needed to speak up.
“I don’t agree that we should use the word ‘guys,’” Richard explained at the immunity challenge. Earlier in the episode, he had talked about being married to a trans person who was pregnant with their second child. “I fully agree that we should change it, whether it just be dropping the ‘guys’ or changing it to something else. I just don’t really agree with it. The reality is, ‘Survivor’ has changed over the last 21 years. And those changes have allowed all of us — all of these Brown people, Black people, Asian people, so many queer people — to be here simultaneously.”
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Probst smiled and proclaimed, “That’s a great point. And I gotta say, I love that you thought about it more. I love that you had the courage inside a million dollar game in which standing up any time is risky to bring it up again, because I’m with you. I want to change it. I’m glad that was the last time I will ever say it.” The host then challenged haters to disagree with him on Twitter, but added, “I’ll probably never read it anyway.”

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“Survivor 41” continues airing Wednesdays on CBS for the rest of the year — see the show schedule. One by one, the castaways will vote each other out until only the Sole Survivor remains as the winner of the $1 million check. So far both Eric Abraham and Sara Wilson have been booted from the game, leaving only 16 people still on the island.
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