The 5 tips to become a 3D artist –

A specialist who creates virtual 3D objects is called a 3D artist. In simple words, a specialist must create a model or texture in 3D from an ordinary photo by drawing. These three-dimensional models can then be used in videos, games, advertising products, architecture and interior presentations.
A 3d artist for hire can deal with almost everything related to 3D: from the development of jewelry to the creation of architectural objects.
To improve your skills, you need to know the base. Usually you want to immediately tackle something very interesting and worthwhile, but due to a lack of experience, you have every chance of getting your extremely ambitious idea with a very miserable implementation.
Beginners are advised not to overload themselves with unnecessary information for a while, so as not to lose the desire to move on. Take 3ds max or Cinema 4D for modeling and V-Ray for rendering – for the first time, this is enough for you. And countless lessons on the Internet will quickly help you get up to speed.
Like everything else, mastering a 3D editor takes time and effort, repetition is the mother of learning, regular work with the interface will fix all the shortest paths in your muscle memory. Everyone goes through a creative crisis, everyone has ups and downs. Show perseverance, eliminate procrastination and be sure to become a professional.
When you look at cool things, you want to reach for them.
It is important to take screenshots of your favorite works and save them – it is useful to learn from the experience of leading studios and analyze how they did it.
Repeat what you like, but do it wisely. Stealing ideas is bad. Better to rework the project using your skills, your approach.
Here’s a cool trick: combine the styles of two artists you like. For example, take the shape from one, and the texture from the other.
The works in your portfolio should stand out in the general flow of 3D visualizations, say, on 3ddd, and then, most likely, the viewer will not “scroll” them. Sometimes, in the presence of technical flaws, in the images of novice artists there is a certain concept, zest, the author’s thought, which he or she embodies in the image – these are the works that customers and users like.
Networking is gaining more and more popularity and importance in modern life. It represents the ability to expand your contact list and make useful contacts for maximum benefit both in everyday life and in the business environment.
At the same time, the essence of networking is building trusting and long-term relationships with people and mutual assistance.
Making new friends (try in our line of business is not only pleasant but also very rewarding. Be sure to attend themed events where you can meet colleagues.
The ideal option would be to attend overseas events: conferences and seminars. But for this it is very important to speak English fluently.
There is one thing that people working with 3D graphics will not argue with. These are some of the basic qualities you need to be successful in any digital creation. The 3D artist is a real creator who renders scenarios. The main field of activity is gaming software, however, 3D artists often create graphics for cartoons, music videos, advertising. The demand for 3D artists is constantly growing, which is directly related to mass digitalization.


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