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The DB Method, $229
I am not normally one for celebrity-marketed items, but I am a big fan of testing out fitness products to see if they live up to the hype. A year ago, I hated cycling bikes, but after testing one out I am now a certified bike person. When I was offered a chance to test out The DB Method, I was excited to see if the machine was really as good as everyone says.
The first time I’d heard of The DB Method was when one of the Kardashian siblings gave this as a gift to their entire family for Christmas. I was fairly skeptical about it because there are a lot of rumors and speculation about the Kardashians have had procedures done, like the Brazilian butt lift (BBLs have really risen in popularity this year). I gave it a shot because The DB Method has been talked about by other celebrities and there are over 3,000 reviews on their website.
The DB Method Machine
You can set up the DB Method at home in just five minutes.
The DB Method was designed to make squatting simpler and quicker. Traditional squats are an excellent workout and anyone who has hit the gym heavy knows that squatting is a big deal. Those squat racks are often full, with lines of folks waiting to queue up.
However, traditional squatting is easy to do wrong, which can lead to injuries over time.
The DB Method was created to avoid possible injuries like the ones mentioned above and to help people achieve their fitness goals. The DB Method “sets you up for success by shifting the weight into your hips and allowing direct access to your glutes. This guidance takes the guesswork out of finding the form, allowing greater mind-to-muscle connection so you can access your perfect squat.”
The DB Method is easy to use and helps people activate their glutes.
After using The DB Method for about a month, I personally feel that it is a machine best for beginner squatters and people who don’t feel squats in their quads. To explain the latter: many people are quad dominant, which means they feel squats (and other lower body workouts) primarily in their quads, not their glutes. But if you’re trying to build your butt, you need to build those glutes, and the DB Method helps you engage your glutes and activate them during a workout. 
When I first got my machine, I had a virtual training session with the team to instruct me on proper form while using The DB Method. The topic of quad dominance came up during that session and I was advised that if I only feel the squat in my quads I should use the Dream Band around my thighs (about 2″ up from my knees) to help force my knees into the correct position, thus activating my glutes during the workout. 
As I’ve said, this is a good machine for activating your glutes. If you struggle with that in a traditional squat, you’ll want to try this out for yourself. The workout programs help you think about targeting your glutes while squatting by having you focus on your muscles. By telling you to pinpoint where you’re feeling the workout, you’re able to shift your body into the correct position.
They were not kidding when they said this is simple and quick to use. The marketing really focuses on using this for just 10 minutes a day, but honestly, if you’re pinched for time, five minutes can be squeezed in here.
For $229, the cost of the machine is cheaper compared to other at-home fitness products, but steep for a machine that only does one thing. If an up-front cost of $229 is too much, there is an option to pay in four split-payments of $57.25.
If you have very limited room in your apartment, this machine isn’t too large, but it also is still in the way. It looks like it would fold down easily, but it does not – you need to disassemble the machine partially in order to fold it down and store it. If you’re looking for something quick and easy, it kind of defeats the purpose, since it takes as long to set up and take apart the machine as it does to actually use the machine.
It is awkward to use the phone app because the handles for the machine obscure your view. You can buy a phone mount, but that is an additional cost. A workaround here is opening YouTube on your computer or smart TV to watch The DB Method classes there.
The DB Method App, $10/month
The DB Method has gotten so popular because the brand advertises that it can make a difference in just 10 minutes a day. Now, being a non-stop skeptic, I found that to be a pretty tall claim to make. However, in my first The DB Method workout, I saw my heart rate jump up into the fat-burning zone just one minute into the class. After 10 minutes, I definitely felt like I had actually worked out and I could feel it in my glutes after I stepped off of the machine.
To get started, you’ll want to look at the beginner The DB Method workouts, so you can get the basics. That is where you’ll learn proper form, how to activate your glutes, and the different squat zones you’ll use on the machine. These instructional videos are where, for example, you’ll learn that you need to put your heels on the foot ramps, not the balls of your foot.
There are a bunch of free workouts on The DB Method’s website and on YouTube, but you can also download the app ($10/month) to get access to all of their workouts and programs. 
The workouts available on The DB Method’s website both help with glute activation and with getting beginners accustomed to the machine. If you used to squat really heavy at the gym, this machine might not be meant for you, as it will never be as heavy of a squat as at the gym. I use a Tempo machine at home, where I squat a low-medium weight of 65 pounds. The DB Method was not a big challenge for me, but it did help with my glute activation issues, as I am a quad-dominant person.
If it has been years since you went physically into a gym to squat, this is a good transition product to buy before you go back (if you ever do). It is very easy to hurt yourself by trying to squat what you did years ago if you’ve been working out from home. You can buy products, like the 10-pound DreamBelt, to make the squat heavier.
Before & After using The DB Method for one month.
I took a Before photo for this review and fully intended to take an “after” photo exactly 14 days later. I still took that “after” photo, but iot was almost a month later. I planned to use the machine every day for two weeks, but instead used this three times a week for four weeks. Many people claim to see results in two weeks, but I had to take it slow and didn’t get to fully test those claims.
All in all, I still found The DB Method useful for myself, as I’ve struggled with glute activation over the last few years while working out at home. Every time I used this machine, I could feel the workout in my glutes. I liked that some classes made it so easy to do 50 squats in just a few minutes. 
This is a product I’d recommend for anyone who is quad dominant or looking to build their glutes. You’ll feel this in your butt every time, and in turn, should help you build a bigger booty.
Get The DB Method for $229.
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