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Love them or hate them, electric cars are taking over. Luckily, some companies convert classic cars into EVs, so we can enjoy them in the future.
It may have seemed like science fiction a few years ago, but the age of electric vehicles is finally here. Automakers worldwide are laying down strategies to fully electrify their cars by the end of the decade. Whether it's a fully electric or a hybrid vehicle, the car community is slowly buying into the inevitable change of direction in the industry.
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But what happens to those who can’t let go of their classic vehicles? Keeping them now could be easier since emission regulations only apply to modern vehicles. However, nobody knows what the issue will be like in ten or twenty years to come. It could be that only EVs will be permitted on the roads. Luckily, tuning companies are now taking classic cars and swapping their engines with battery packs. Here are ten of the most awesome classic car conversions money can buy.
London Electric Cars provide made-to-order electric conversion services offered to any client with a classic car. The company currently concentrates on Land Rovers, Minis, and Morrises, and its latest project is the 1993 Rover Mini featured here.
The Rover Mini is fitted with a motor and drivetrain borrowed from one of the best electric vehicles in the market, the Nissan Leaf. It features a 20kWh battery pack fixed into the trunk and under the rear seat. With this powerhouse, the London Electric Rover Mini gets a driving range of 70 miles around town, which can be upgraded for those who don't mind paying extra.
Zelectric is an electric conversion company that swaps internal combustion engines from various German classics with electric motors. And while a Volkswagen Microbus could never feature in a list of the best classic cars in the market, Zelectric takes a classic model and turns it into an electric modern luxury vehicle.
The VW Microbus featured here was built as an Omaze giveaway in early 2021. It is equipped with the best 21st-century features and is powered by a liquid-cooled 32kWh battery pack sourced from Tesla’s Model S.
Owning a classic car for many years could be the primary reason why an enthusiast buys a classic electric conversion. Peter Swain loved his MGs and Jaguars so much that he founded an electric classic conversion company, RBW. He aimed at ensuring that these classic beauties remained relevant for the longest time possible.
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One of RBW’s first projects was the MGB Roadster featured here. And instead of repurposing the old worn-out sheet metal of the initial MGB, RBW partnered with British Motor Heritage to dress the car with a whole new shell designed and built to the exact original shape and specs. Its interior is one of the best in the modern market as it features a Wi-Fi-enabled Pioneer navigation system, electric windows, and other components.
E.C.D. is a familiar name among enthusiasts, as the company is dedicated to creating custom Defenders. The off-road restoration outfit now offers electric Land Rover conversions, the one pictured here. Under the electric Defender’s hood lays a massive 450-horsepower drivetrain sourced from a tesla Platform, which gives the off-road SUV a driving range of 220 miles.
The electrified Defender offers adventurers all sorts of modern off-road upgrades to the suspension. Other upgrades include downhill assist, regenerative braking, traction control, and it accelerates from 0-60 mph in just 5.5 seconds.
Zero Labs lets owners present the donor vehicle for the electrification project, meaning pretty much every classic car can receive an overhaul electrified treat. Currently, Zero Labs offers a four-format platform available in 4×4, pickup, muscle, and two-door configurations.
Once a buyer submits their classic vehicle for restoration, the company disassembles it and takes approximately 30 days to get it back up. The car receives an overhaul redesign, with all the old components being swapped with new upgrades. After it’s done, out pops an entirely new machine. The final product comes equipped with a new all-electric drivetrain and enhanced independent front and rear suspension. One of Zero Labs’ best products is the Series III Classic.
Everrati Automotive offers electromode services for several classic cars, including four different Porsche 911s and a Land Rover Series IIA. The 911 964 featured here is the latest entrant into the lineup. And it is something special, available in narrow and widebody specs.
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The car is fully restored by Porsche specialists, after which it receives the special treat of a 53Kwh battery pack and an electric motor with 450-500 horsepower. Also on the list is a custom Quaife A.T.B. Torque biasing differential. The electrified 964 is good for 150 miles and accelerates from 0-60mph in under 4 seconds. Inside is a fully modernized interior characterized by heated seats and a wide range of electric features.
If the new Mustang Mach-E is not as good of an electric muscle car, Charge’s Fastback Mustang should do the trick just fine. The car is based around an officially licensed body for a realistic old-school design. Charge switches the V8 powerplant of the original with a 64-kWh battery pack and a dual-motor four-wheel-drive setup.
On the road, this combination gives the electrified Fastback a combined output of 536 horsepower and 1,106lb-ft of torque. It accelerates to 60 mph from a standstill in less than 4 seconds. And with a 200-mile range, the electrified Fastback Mustang has become one of the best pony cars in the modern market.
Another company that offers bespoke conversion services is the Austin-based Moment Motors. This one works exclusively with classic vehicles that have the potential of becoming iconic soon. One of their best builds is the old-school Z model featured here.
Since every build is unique in its way, Moment Motors uses a modular power system based on single in-line and stacked dual-motor configurations with interchangeable gearbox adapters for easy installation. In addition, Moment has built an accompanying battery enclosure set up using retrieved Tesla modules and buildable bricks that can easily be placed around the car according to the space available.
Lunaz proved the world wrong after building the first electrified Rolls-Royce – a Phantom V. Afterwards, the company doubled its efforts and brought on board a Silver Cloud. Like all other British electrification projects, the attention to detail in this build is nothing short of amazing.
Lunaz stripped the Rolls-Royce down and removed the original engine. The company then weighs and scans every component for absolute technical perfection. Expert engineers then build the car using top-secret couch building techniques for an authentic and original finish with modern touches on the interior.
The Icon Derelict Mercury is quite the Pioneer, which was meant to answer a few simple questions. One of which was why the world couldn’t combine classic styling and quality with modern performance and practicality. To better answer this question, Icon built this electric conversion from a 1949 Mercury Coupe.
The conversion comes with an all-new powertrain engineered by Icon and Stealth EV. It features a dual electric motor, transmission-less set up that provides the vehicle with 470 lb-ft of freight-train-like torque and 400 horsepower. And without gearshifts, the vehicle accelerates to a top speed of 120 mph.
There are still plenty of cheap and brilliant classic European cars out there to satisfy every type of collector’s taste.
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