This Is The Chevy Camaro Z/28 That'll Never Happen – CarBuzz

Just. Look. At. It.
The Chevrolet Camaro has seen better days. Despite the current sixth-generation model’s excellent muscle car credentials, sales are down. Way down. The Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger retain the No. 1 and 2 sales spots, respectively. The semiconductor chip crisis hasn’t been kind to the Camaro either. There was some good news last month following a report claiming Chevy is secretly working on a more powerful version, possibly even more potent than the highly impressive Camaro ZL1. But what we really want is a new track-focused Z/28.
Apparently, the folks at GM Design agree. The rendering here was just released on GM Design’s Instagram and we love what we see.
Unfortunately, it’s nothing more than a vision. The sixth-generation Camaro Z/28 project was canceled back in 2018 due to major corporate changes and financial cutbacks. At the time, GM was gearing up for its financial push into electric vehicles and related technologies. The rendering shown here is a reminder of what could have been but never will be.
Reports suggested this Z/28 would’ve come powered by a 6.6-liter V8 with an excess of 500 horsepower. Yes, that’s less output than the sixth-gen Z/28, pictured below. That incredible car had a healthy 650 hp on tap. So why reduce power rather than increase it?
It's a good question and we suspect it had something to do with meeting updated emissions standards. And like its predecessor, slashing excess weight would have also been a must. The previous Z/28 saw many creature comforts sacrificed like the rear seats, audio systems, the HVAC system, and sound insulation. It even had thinner glass. Every aspect of the vehicle was closely examined to locate unnecessary poundage. All of that and more would've been missing once again.
But the ultimate question is whether the sixth-gen Z/28 could have surpassed the ZL1 1LE's 7:16.04 Nurburgring lap time? It's truly a shame we'll never get the chance to find out.