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Unlock Your Hip Flexor
The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is an easy-to-understand hip flexors manual that contains a series of hip flexors exercises and a workout program that would help you loosen your locked hip flexors, tight hip flexors, and other hip related muscles.
According to the creators of the hip flexor program, our sedentary lifestyle doesn’t help us to live full, healthy lives as sitting down could lead to dangerous conditions such as locked hip flexors and tight hip flexors. As incredible as it might sound, exercising could hurt, cause locked hip flexors and tight hip flexors as some exercises put pressure on your hip flexors.
What this means, in essence, is that being an athletic person doesn’t necessarily mean you wouldn’t suffer from the pain of having tight hip flexors and locked hip flexors if you don’t engage in the right exercises. On the other hand, continuing your sedentary lifestyle wouldn’t help you in the long run. You could suffer the effect of not unlocking your hip flexors, such as poor sexual health, poor sexual performance, bad posture, rigid hips, etc.
The truth is you can’t do without sitting around as this is what your office job requires, and as an athlete, you can’t decide to stop exercising. It would be best to reach a solution where you can live your best life, whether or not you have a sedentary lifestyle or an athletic one.
So, if you follow what the internet is raving about at the moment, you would be inclined to purchase the unlock your hip flexors workout routine. You wonder if this workout program is legit, but not to worry about the unlock your hip flexors review will give you all the information you need to know to decide if it will be worthwhile.
Frank Daniels, CPT Fitness+Performance Specialist White Plains, NY RapidTestConditioning.
“Being an athlete all my life and having endured multiple knee surgeries due to blowing out ACL’s in both knees, I later started to develop a hip issue in my right hip due to the years of wear and tear. It got so bad it was hard for me to perform as an athlete as well as be a productive coach”.
I have it checked out and realized I had a degenerative arthritic condition in the hip that is not reversible. Surgery was not an option I wanted to go through so I contacted Rick Kaselj to see if he had something for me. When I started to apply the strategies from Unlock Your Hip Flexors it helped me re-balance my pelvis and hip joint to where I couldn’t even tell I had an issue anymore.
These days I’m stronger and faster than ever and still competing in sports. Rick gave me the ability to perform at my highest level as a coach and regain the athletic ability I had lost over the years from wear and tear. I’ve been using Rick’s strategies for years to help myself manage and recover from injuries as well as countless members of the fitness community. I couldn’t recommend this product enough!”
Chris Wilson, SNC, RKC, CPT Head Strength Coach, Critical Bench
What if I told you that you could increase your deadlift by 35 pounds in a week? You’d think I was nuts, but that’s exactly what I experienced. Rick Kaselj worked with me personally to help me loosen my hip flexors and the explosiveness that was unlocked help me finally hit that 500 lb pull I’ve been training for.
If you do any kind of explosive lifting Unlock Your Hip Flexors can definitely help you add pounds to your max!
Dr. Alan Jenks DC DIBAK DABCN The Hague Area, Netherlands AlanJenks.com
I have known Rick Kaselj since college. Since then I have gone to Chiropractic college and become a Diplomate of the International College of Applied Kinesiology and a Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition. As a result I have come to some important conclusions about how the body works. Hip flexibility, mobility and strength is one of the most important things you can do to keep your overall body healthy. The way we moved thousands of years ago is our natural state, which requires flexible and mobile hips.
I was excited to here about Rick Kaselj’s Unlock Your Hip Flexors program and have read the manual and watched the videos. I was very impressed with the content. I implemented the concepts and program into my practice with my clients.
Rick has developed a comprehensive system to unlock your hips and restore movement the way it should be. Everyone could benefit from Unlock Your Hip Flexors. The two most important things to live a long healthy live is good quality whole food and great movement and which requires great hip mobility. I cannot recommend this program enough.”
Their official website of unlocking your hip flexors program describes it as a well-researched program that should help cure whatever discomfort you feel in the hips. According to them, the research has a large sample size, and it draws from people who exert themselves and those who rarely do anything physical and sit around.
When you have stiff hips, the authors of this program, Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal, claim you would have a reduced quality of life, leading to anxiety, frustration, and even depression. They claim stiff hips could impact your daily activities such as sitting, standing, being an athlete, exercising, etc.
Unlock your hip flexors is a manual that contains the knowledge you need to loosen your hip flexors to improve your overall health, strength and energy. The hip flexors manual contains different mobility exercises and many exercise routines that the authors claim would work for you.
Hip flexors manual pdf contains information about the hips and the surrounding hop muscles. The authors claim that by learning about the hip, you will understand why you need to take care of it and resolve the primary cause of your stiff hips.
Unlock your hip flexors contains unique exercise routines that help make permanent relief instead of temporary relief, which the authors claim conventional medicine provides for you.
Due to the number of similar hip flexors programs, you are right to doubt this program. However, it boasts of authors who are worth are known in the fitness quarters.
The authors, Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal, are injury recovery experts and fitness experts. According to them, Rick has developed recovery plans for people with a back injury to get positive results, while Mike is a seasoned fitness.
The two combined knowledge and skill in other to provide a cure for people with hip flexors problems. The first person to use this program was Mike’s wife, and they claim she showed massive improvements in little time.
As we have mentioned above, the program reportedly helps you fix your stiff hips by freeing your psoas muscles around your hips. According to their research, this muscle is the link between the upper body and the lower body.
Our hip flexors review will now tell you how the hip flexors program would work to help you get your flexibility back after a long period of sitting and strenuous exercises. They claim the pain you feel in your hips will go away with a series of exercises that will help you align your pelvic alignment.
Through the alignment, the authors, Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal, claim you will become more mobile, agile, have perfect posture, etc. So, the program works the following way;
The PNF stretching is one of the exercises that will help you initiate your hip’s natural healing process with a series of muscle activation movements. These movements target the muscles around your joint to reduce stiffness in that joint.
However, we will issue a bit of advice here. If you have pain in your hips, before trying PNF stretching, please consult your doctor immediately.
Dynamic stretching is the hip muscle activation movement that involves moving your hips and joint through a progressive full range motion. This dynamic stretching helps improve blood circulation around the joint and helps the joint move freely.
Unlock your hip flexors also works through fascia stretching. Fascia stretching is a unique exercise technique that focuses on the fascia that surrounds the hip flexors.
Mobility exercises involve movements that also target the hip joint and allow the joint to move and function freely. Unlock your hip flexors uses these mobility exercises to help you loosen your stiff hips.
These mobility exercises reportedly allow you to improve your posture and gives you better stability.
Unlock your hip flexors also, uses The 3 Dimensional Core Stability Exercises to help you strengthen your core and abdominal muscles. It, so to say, activates these muscles and making them stronger, more vigorous and powerful.
In addition, this exercise helps you reduce the unneeded pressure you put on your joints.
Users report that unlocking your hips flexors is effective because it bridges a knowledge gap that not all fitness experts know, and the best part is that you don’t need an expert to understand it. You don’t need an expert because unlock your hip flexors teaches you how to help yourself using engaging videos that show how you can exercise the usually ignored places in your hips.
True to them, the video does explain in clear terms the position of the authors about the importance of the stability of the hips and how its optimal function is necessary for the body to perform excellently. We do agree that it is not much you can do physically with constant pain from bad hips.
For instance, if you are the fitness buff type of person, there isn’t much fitness activity that you will do that wouldn’t involve your lower body to an extent. However, the authors proclaim that you can’t exercise your problematic hips away without following their peculiar exercise techniques.
Accordingly, with the knowledge of how the hip flexors work, the unlock your hip flexors program demands that you follow a series of exercises discussed above, using their superior sequential flow technique. The official website claims this technique will help you improve the structure of your hips and reverse the damage they might have taken up to that point.
Their sequential flow that makes this program effective is based on understanding the unlock your hip flexors exercises and following them appropriately. This, according to the authors, is the secret of unlocking your hip flexors program.
According to them, following these exercises, the right way will help you relax your hips. The authors’ Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal claim that not following them the right way, the sequential way, will not only tighten your hips more, but it could also add to the previous damage to your hips.
The authors claim the unique sequential flow will help you activate your hips’ natural healing response. The result is that you will be able to enjoy your hips with their newfound vigor and flexibility.
The authors claim that unlock your hip flexors program is more effective than any other program because they know other fitness experts. Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal claim that using their sequential flow with the exercises they recommend, you wouldn’t regret buying.
They claim that fitness experts believe that using static stretches that most fitness experts recommend will not help you. Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal claim these static stretches will not reach the hard-to-reach muscles in your hips.
The authors of unlock your hip flexors program claim that their sequential flow is why their program is more effective than any other program. The flow is the key to the puzzle of unloosening your psoas.
Unlock your hip flexors allegedly has the information you can’t see anywhere else. The program contains a DVD video, and an unlock your hip flexors manual pdf.
The DVD video contains The Coaching Instructional videos that discuss the ten exercises and their sequential flow in length. There is also the part where one of the authors, Rick, explains precisely to help you understand the coaching better.
The other part of the video is the Follow Along Format which contains the exercises and their sequential flow, all explained without interruption with video examples.
The many pdf contains a thorough explanation about the various stretching exercises contained in unlocking your hip flexors. It also discusses how these exercises help you unlock your hip muscles using pictures of the exercise movements to complement the thorough descriptions.
The authors will add a bonus that will come along with the original program when you pay. One of the said programs is to unlock your tight hamstring.
The authors claim rightly that the hamstrings can read when they are right, and a torn hamstring can be frustrating while healing as it would take a while. A torn hamstring will weigh on you regardless of who you are, whether living a physical life or not.
The situation is worse with modern jobs which require laying around and sitting for long periods. Sitting around without any form of physical activity can tighten your hamstring, and tight hamstrings could make you have a bad posture and lower back pain, at least according to the authors.
Per the authors, an expert sports massager could cure your tight hamstrings, but your schedule wouldn’t allow it. Due to this, the authors wrote this book so you can get the help you need to unlock your hamstrings without spending extra on an expert.
The authors aim their book to help you loosen your hamstrings and reduce your risk of getting a torn hamstring, poor posture and improve the pain in your lower back.
The authors claim that their diet plan will immediately heal your body as the foods are the right ones for your body. This diet plan will complement unlock your hip flexors to allow you to attain looser and more stable hips faster, at least according to the authors.
The authors claim that eating the wrong foods causes the body, including your hips, to be inflamed, so you have to eat foods that will help you attain optimal health. So, if you want to see the results of unlock your hip flexors faster, you have to eat right.
Eating right will allow your body to trigger its natural healing response. The authors claim that you would see results as soon as you begin to eat right.
The book recommends the food you should eat, and they are the ones you already have in your house or that you can get when you go on your grocery runs.
The authors amaze us with the price of their product and the discount. With what they claim to give you to help you live a healthier and less painful life, unlock your hip flexors is quite cheap.
Ordinarily, unlock your hip flexors costs $50, covering the DVD program and the pdf manual. The bonus books too are ordinarily valued at $48.
However, a surprising discount makes the unlock your hip flexors look either more believable or doubtful, depending on your interpretation. If you buy within 15 minutes of scrolling down to the part of their website where you would order, you would save $40 and buy unlock your hip flexors and the bonuses for just $10.
It’s interesting because you would pay $300 if you were to have a session with Rick, one of the authors.
Ordinarily, unlock your hip flexors costs $50, covering the DVD program and the pdf manual. The bonus books, too, are ordinarily valued at $48.
However, a surprising discount makes the unlock your hip flexors look either more believable or doubtful, depending on your interpretation. If you buy within 15 minutes of scrolling down to the part of their website where you would order, you would save $40 and buy unlock your hip flexors and the bonuses for just $10.
There is a 60 day money-back guarantee, which means you can send the product back to get your money if the product doesn’t work for you or you are not happy with it for whatever reason. You would get 100% of your money back.
We aren’t convinced there is a technique that will magically solve your hip problems. If you are physically active, you would see that there is nothing special about these exercise techniques, and they are something you do.
However, if you are the type who doesn’t exercise, $10 is perhaps not too much money you can spend on unlocking your hip flexors. There is absolutely nothing special about those techniques.
Although, hiring a yogi could be more costly than $10. So, this program could be of use to you if you want to stretch without spending too much.
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It appears that unlock your hip flexors is Sade to use. The reason for this is that the exercises in the program are not strange exercises at all.
These exercises are exercises that a yogi or any fitness expert would recommend for you and per our unlock your hip flexors review, it is not worth your money if you are a fitness buff.
In order to write our unlock your hip flexors review, we researched and there is no suggestion or report anywhere that states that the program is FDA approved.
The unlock your hip flexors reportedly works for your tight hip flexors by recommending a series of exercises you would do to loosen your hip.
Unlock your hip flexors is a program that contains ten exercises. The authors designed the exercise technique to help you strengthen your psoas muscle, stiff hips, unlock your hip flexor, and loosen your tight hip flexors or tight psoas muscles, etc.
Unlock your hip flexors is a wellness program that should help you by providing more than temporary relief for your stiff hips.
In addition, according to the authors, when your psoas muscle or hip flexor muscles are working well, you would be able to breathe easier, have a strong core and abdominal muscles, be more mobile and energetic. So, according to Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal, the psoas muscle or the hip flexor muscle is crucial, and below are the pros and cons from our unlock your hip flexors review.
There isn’t anything to show the program is a scam. There is a money-back guarantee that you can use to get your money back 100%.
However, nothing special about the program and even the sequential flow the authors are boasting about.
Ordinarily, unlock your hip flexors costs $50, which covers the DVD program and the pdf manual. The bonus books, too, are ordinarily valued at $48.
However, a surprising discount makes the unlock your hip flexors look either more believable or doubtful, depending on your interpretation. If you buy within 15 minutes of scrolling down to the part of their website where you would order, you would save $40 and buy unlock your hip flexors and the bonuses for just $10
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