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If you’re getting ready to head out on a fantastic vacation or you’ve got a business trip coming up, you may be wondering how to maintain your muscle gains while you’re on the go and surrounded by temptations. One key to remember is that travel is not an excuse to “cheat” on your diet and exercise routines, unless you consciously wish to make that decision. Instead, if your desire is to make the most of your trip but stay in shape at the same time, taking a little bit of time to plan ahead can mean incorporating your fitness routines, both food and exercise, into your travels.
For many of your go-to foods, finding them while on vacation may not be a big challenge. However, depending on how particular your dietary choices are, you may want to pack some things just in case.
A great way to do it that is both lightweight and shelf-stable, meaning that no refrigerator or freezer is required, is by selecting a few freeze-dried foods that align with your lifestyle. Freeze-dried foods retain more vitamins and minerals than dehydrated versions, so you can maintain a nutrient-dense selection.
The options are diverse, so you can buy anything from individual items such as beef, fruit or vegetables to pre made foods such as ice cream sandwiches. To find freeze-dried foods, check out camping supplies or emergency preparedness stores. Alternatively, you can invest in a home freeze-dryer and prepare your own. Eating them is simple, too: Either reconstitute the foods with water or crunch on them as they are.
In addition to foods, don’t forget to add the best pre workout supplements to your luggage. Even if you like to drink a good cup of homemade bone broth every day to keep your energy up and your skin looking great from all the collagen, there are powdered single-serving packs available to make drinking bone broth during your trip even easier than at home.
To save room and weight in your luggage when your supplements come in large bottles or canisters, portion out the exact amount you think you’ll need into a labeled zip-closing baggy for each type of supplement. No need to choose between your favorites to conserve space. Next, gather them all into a larger zip bag, too, to make them easier to find and to lower the chances of a powder-explosion in your suitcase.
If a gym isn’t available where you’re going, make the world your gym. Sturdy, stable chairs and tables make excellent tools for this purpose. To work your biceps, lie on the floor under a table, reach up to the edge and do some pull ups. For an added challenge, place your feet on a chair so you’re lifting more weight in the process. For some triceps action, do sets of chair dips by bracing your hands behind you on the seat, moving forward until your body is hovering over the floor, then lowering and lifting yourself.
But remember, the keywords are sturdy and stable. You don’t want the furniture to tip, flip, crash onto your face or dump you in some other way. When you want to do some lunges or squats but your own body weight doesn’t provide enough of a challenge, scope out items around you that can safely add some heft, such as your suitcase.
If your style is to go for guided workouts using a DVD collection or your hometown gym, don’t stress. There are fantastic apps for exercise routines, and the list is growing all the time. Gone are the days of being tied to a disc player or a specific facility to keep your fitness at its peak.
Whatever your goals are, whether maintaining the muscle you’ve got or upping your game, traveling doesn’t have to mean losing your progress, even if lounging or luxurious foods will be a big part of your trip. Besides, what good is it to have amazing health if you can’t use it to experience new things while you get out of town?
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